Who is behind Movie2Go


Behind Movie2Go is a family that has been in the video rental and sales business since 1985. We previously owned and operated Markville Video and Games, a lovely video store on the corner of Port Union Rd and Lawrence Ave E.. Throughout the 30 years of being in this business, we’ve learned a lot about the industry and have accumulated quite a selection of movies, and they even include the VHS.

People often wonder how we’ve been able to stay in this business given the competition and the alternative means available to watch movies. The answer is simple – in addition to providing movies and TV shows in the highest definition available for home entertainment at very low prices, we continuously evolve and adapt to meet customer wants and needs.

Our latest and greatest transformation was transitioning from operating one video store in Toronto to partnering with several variety stores across the GTA as Movie2Go, and making movies available for sale at their locations. We’ve relocated to Pickering where we do all the back-end work and have stored our additional 1000s of movies and TV series that await your requests. Visit our selection page to browse through our movies. Please note that we’re still in the process of uploading all the titles, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to contact us.

Movie2Go was inspired by a fellow Movie Experts member who has partnered with over 150 variety stores in Quebec and found much success and has made 1000s of happy customers. We are working very hard to do the same here in the GTA.